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Monday, July 16th 2012

1:03 PM

Topless nudist preteen


Related article: Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:48:44 GMT From: "user459netzero.net" Subject: Bisexual Adult/Youth - Compost 18A different point of view...My name is Danny and I moved here about four months ago. I haven't made many friends because, well, you know how it can be in a new school and a new neighborhood. I'm not the real friendly kind of kid and this school is so much bigger than my old one. Actually, I'm pretty scared. I guess I'm self conscious because I have red hair and I'm a little overweight, too. I've noticed some weird changes in my body that are new, nude asia preteen too. My voice is cracking a little and I've seen a few hairs sprouting where there was nothing before. On top of that, they are red, too! preteen nn ace My penis is getting a little bigger too, and it gets hard for no reason. It's embarrassing in school and even when I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV. Sometimes I have to push it down or pinch the head of it to make it go away.The first two days I was here I didn't actually make it to school. I rode my bike and looked at all the kids and rode back home. I finally made it to class on the third day and sat in the back of the room. I know that might sound pretty weird for a kid who is twelve, going on thirteen, but I have always been shy. I didn't feel comfortable even in my old hometown, much less in this new place. I stay pretty much to myself and I'm alone most of the time. My Dad died in Iraq and my Mom and I moved here to be in a smaller house without so many memories of Dad around. We don't want to try to forget him, but it was too much to see him in every room of the old house. My Mom found a new nn preteen thongs job here and works a lot of hours. She leaves before I go to school and comes home after I get home from school. Sometimes I get dinner started for us.I've explored the neighborhood a little on my bike, but it's just street and houses and stuff. The most interesting place I've found is the woods just behind our underage preteen cuties house. There is a patch of undeveloped land that comes right up to our back fence. pics forum preteens I like to go through the gate and find a secluded place to just chill out and relax. I can see a house and a couple of sheds and stuff, but if I go way back in the corner I can imagine I'm all alone in the wilderness. I love the smell of the pines and the earthy smell of the forest floor. I watch the squirrels jump from limb to limb and listen to the birds.Sometimes I see the guy who owns the house working out in the yard and garden. He comes back into the woods to his sheds and to a place where he piles stuff into bins. He works hard and gets quite sweaty. Sometimes he takes his shirt off and works in just loose shorts. I like watching him work and my peter usually gets hard while I watch. I push my peter down, but sometimes the pushing turns into rubbing and I end up getting even harder.One day, while I was sitting on a log in my favorite hiding place, I saw a boy walking through the woods towards the sheds. The man met him and they stood in front of the bins and pulled the fronts of their shorts down. It looks like they were peeing on the piles of stuff in the bins! I wish I could have gotten a look at their dicks while they were peeing. It looked like they were having fun spraying all over the pile. When they were finished, they went into the back part of one of the sheds. I was more than curious and my peter was hard as a rock by preteen pantyhose bbs that time.I decided to see if I could find out what they were preteens pantyhose freepics doing, so I carefully made my way to the shed. I was very quiet and slowly lollita preteen nudist placed my feet, one at a time, where they would make the least noise. I got up close and could hear some muffled noises from inside. The shed was actually some kind of canvas so I was able to find a seam where the panels came together. I spread open a gap big enough to look inside. It took a few minutes to focus, but I made out that there was some lingerie preteen gallery furniture in this little room in the back of the shed. There was some kind of a couch and a table, but what caught my eye was the sight of the guy who lives here lying back on the couch with his shorts off. The boy was kneeling between his legs with his head in his crotch. As I strained to see, I saw him rise up and could see the man's dick as it slid out of his lips. Before he let it come all the way out, the boy lowered his head back down and took the man's dick deep into his mouth. My dick was throbbing as I sex little preteens watched the scene in the shed. I rubbed it unconsciously and kept my eyes on the action. The man moaned and pushed his hips up off the couch as the boy bobbed up and down on his dick.It wasn't long before the man was pushing up more and the boy nudis naturist preteen went up and down faster."Here it comes, Larry," he whispered hoarsely as he held the boy's head. He went all stiff and pushed his dick as far as it would go into the boy's throat and held it there until he was though. The beach bikini preteens boy took the man's dick in his hand and milked out a few drops of white goo and lollita preteen nudist licked them off."I don't want any of this to go to waste," he said. "You know, Mike, since we've been measuring I've grown almost an inch and three quarters. I guess swallowing your cum really works.""Yeah, you were only about 4 inches long the first time I saw you," Mike said, "Let's see what your dick looks like now." He turned on the little light in the table and sat up on the edge of the couch while Larry stood in front of him, his shorts tenting out in front. Mike slid his shorts down and off and slid his shirt up and over his head. I was amazed. I was getting to see a boy completely naked with pedo illegal preteen a raging hard on! Besides that, I had the feeling he was going to get a blow job, too. While Mike rummaged around in the little table next to the couch I remembered some of the videos I had seen on the internet and the magazines I had found in the basement of the house we moved to. I had seen women sucking on men's dicks and men sucking on men's dicks, but I had never seen a man suck on a boy's dick or a boy suck on a man's dick like I had just seen. My dick was getting sore from all the rubbing I was doing, but nude asia preteen I just couldn't stop. I had lowered my shorts so the material wouldn't be rubbing on it and was just stroking along the shaft with my hand as I watched.Mike found the tape measure he was looking for and motioned for Larry to come closer. He took hold of Larry's stiff dick and laid the tape measure along the top side. He studied it from all angles until he was satisfied with his measurement."Well?" asked Larry, "What's the verdict?""You're right, you dick is almost 5 ¾" long now," Mike said. "It doesn't look like a little boy's peepee any more." Larry seemed to beam at that statement. His chest puffed out, what little there was of it, and blonde preteen tits he got this proud look on his face."Thanks, Mike," he said, almost at the point of tears. "I mean it; you have taught me so much and I never knew that I could get so big so quickly."That did it for me. Seeing him standing tall with his super hard dick pointing upward, and after seeing and hearing what I had, my senses were on overload. The stimulation I had been giving my dick seemed to have quite an effect on me as well. I felt my dick get even harder and I swear it got bigger. I felt this electric charge start somewhere below my belly and build up in my balls. nudis naturist preteen I felt a little dizzy and had to let go of the canvas flap I had been looking through. Something was happening to me and it demanded all my attention. My hand was moving up and down on my peter at an increasing rate. I switched to holding it between my thumb and the first two fingers and slid the skin up and down over the shaft. I must have been making some odd sounds as I heard myself moan a couple of times. I closed my eyes as the feeling got more intense. I almost felt like I had to pee, but this was much more than that. I knew I had to keep going. This was as close as I had ever been to an "orgasm", as they referred to it in school, and I wasn't stopping for anything, at least that's what I thought."Hey, what are you doing here?" I heard a disembodied voice say. I felt a hand on my arm and was startled when I opened nn preteen thongs my eyes and saw Larry standing there nude. "Get in here!" he ordered and he pulled me by the arm into the cp preteenx porn little room I had been peeking into."Who is this?" Mike asked."I don't know," Larry said, "He's the cause of the sounds we heard outside. I guess he was spying on us and jerking off.""Is that true?" Mike asked. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"I sputtered and stammered as I stood there with my shorts still at half mast and my now soft dick dangling in mid air."Um, uh, I'm Danny and I'm new here and I live in the back," I said as I pointed in the general direction of my house. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. "I'm sorry, I just like to be in the woods and when I saw you guys I was curious so I came over to see...""And what did you see, Danny?" Mike asked."Everything," I answered. Mike and Larry looked at each other and then made me stand there while they whispered to each other."Are you going to tell anybody what you saw?" Larry asked."No, I would never do that!" I exclaimed."Did you like what you saw?" Mike asked."Yes," I answered and hang my head down."I can tell you liked it from the way you were going to town on your dick!" Larry said. "Did you hear what we were talking about?""I saw you measuring and talking about swallowing cum and stuff, if that's what you mean," I said. "Did it really make your dick get bigger?""The numbers don't lie." Larry said. "Are you interested? Can you keep a secret?""Yeah!" I said, my peter hardening as if in response to the question. Mike and Larry both looked down at my obvious arousal."I think that needs to be taken care of first," Mike said. He reached for the tape measure and took hold of my dick. He was the first person to touch me blog preteen nude like that and I almost passed out from the feeling. He laid the tape along the top and pressed the end into my crotch where the root of my penis was. He checked from all angles."Hmm," he said. "Looks like four and a quarter inches, doesn't it, Larry?" Larry got up close enough that I could feel his breath on my bare skin. "Yup," he said. "Let's make it official a 4 ¼ inches." Larry took out a little scrap of paper from the table and wrote my name and the date and 4 ¼" next to it."Does this mean you guys aren't mad at me?" I asked."We're not mad at you, Danny," Mike said. "We're a little surprised and disappointed at getting caught like this, but if you're willing to join us we'll forget it ever happened.""Join you?" I asked. "You mean like do stuff like you and Larry do?""Yeah, if you want to," said Larry as he stepped next to me and wrapped his fingers around my stiff dick. "I think we need to take care of this now, before we go on to vlad models preteen anything else. I nodded my head in agreement as he skillfully stroked my dick. He motioned to Mike and Mike pulled a tube of lotion from the table drawer. He squirted some into Larry's hand and he spread it onto my dick and began to massage it in. My knees got weak at the intense feeling of his hand gliding over my slippery flesh."Hold on, fella." Mike said as he got behind me on his knees and propped me up. He pulled my shorts all the way off and worked his hands under my shirt. His big hands felt wonderful as they traveled up from my waist to my chest, across my nipples, and then peeled my shirt off over my head. Here we were; two naked boys and a naked man, together in a secluded spot where no one could see us. I was dizzy with the excitement of the moment as tiny little preteen well as from the intense pleasure centered on what Larry was doing to my dick. Mike stroked my chest and grazed my nipples with one hand and held my butt cheeks with the other. I relaxed back against him and let the feelings flow through my body.I felt that electricity again that had been cut short when Larry startled me outside the shed. It built up again and I felt like a dam was going to burst."I think I'm going to pee!" I cried. sex little preteens I tensed up and grabbed Larry's wrist to stop him. Larry pulled my hand away and continued to stroke even faster."No, you're not," said Larry. "Just relax and let what ever is going to happen, happen. Trust me, you'll love it!""Oh, jeez!" I sighed. "Umh, something's happening!" The electricity turned to pulses and I felt the most amazing feeling of pleasure while my body tried to force itself out through the end of my dick. It went on for what seemed like beach bikini preteens minutes, but was probably just a few seconds. I don't know; I kind of blacked out and fell back on Mike. I came to and my breathing was still heavy and my limbs felt like lead. I looked down and saw my peter has shrunk to half its size and there was some shiny stuff coming out of the end of it."Congratulations! You've just had your first cum!" Mike said. He wiped a drop of the clear fluid off the tip of my dick and studied it before he licked it off with his tongue. He squeezed another drop out and offered it to Larry."Yummy!" he said. Larry milked one more drop out and offered it up to me on his finger tip. I wasn't sure, but I licked it off anyway. It wasn't bad. It didn't have a strong taste and felt kind of nice on my tongue. I looked down and saw Larry's dick standing at half mast. I don't know why, but I reached out and put my hand around it. It seemed to pulse in my hand and get harder."Can I try what you did to Mike?" I asked. I suddenly had the urge to get his dick into my mouth. I didn't wait for an answer and dropped to my knees in front of Larry. I was eye level with his crotch, so I got a good look at his dick and balls. They looked beautiful to me, compared to my naked little boy dick. Maybe if I swallowed some cum mine would grow like Larry's had. preteen nude portfolio I pulled his dick down and lingerie preteen gallery moved my head toward him. I put my tongue out and licked the head. It didn't taste gross or anything, just soft and spongy. I went further and took t he head preteen naturist pussy of his dick into my mouth. I liked the feel of the soft flesh surrounding the hard pole inside. I pushed down and let it go further into my mouth until I involuntarily gagged and choked on it. I pulled off and my eyes watered and I thought I was going to puke."Maybe you're not ready for that yet," Mike said."No, I want to try," I said and I went back down on Larry's dick. This time I didn't let it go so deep."Watch out for your teeth, keep your lips over them." Larry instructed. "That's it. Now swirl your tongue around the head. Yeah. Now go up and down."I eagerly accepted his instruction and tried my best to please him. As I did, Mike was behind him, holding him by the butt. I think he was fingering his rear end at the same time I was sucking him. I worked on perfecting my technique and would alternately swirl my tongue around the head of his dick and then slide down nudepreteen pics as far as I dared. I let my other hand feel and massage his ball sack. I really liked this! I kept it up and felt Larry start to meet my downward travels with his own upward thrusts. They became more urgent and I worked to match his movements with my porn 3d preteen own."OK, get ready, I'm gonna cum!" he announced. He held my head and pushed it back so his dick was resting on my tongue. "Unghh! Here it comes!" I felt it pulse and vibrate in my mouth and then I felt warm liquid spurting into my mouth. I was surprised at the force of it as it shot back into my throat, and by the amount that kept coming."Swallow!" Mike said, and I found I had room for the next volley coming from Larry's dick. I slowly ran my lips up and down his cp preteenx porn shaft until he pulled out. There was some on my chin and still a bubble on the end of his dick. Mike reached down and cleaned off both my chin and Larry's dick and stuck his finger in my mouth. He milked Larry's dick down again and took the drop into his own mouth."Did I do all right?" I asked."You did great for your first time," Larry said. "Did you like it?""Yeah, I liked it a lot!" I said. "Can we do it again?" My dick was hard once more and pointing up toward the ceiling."Come over here," Mike said as he pulled me toward the couch. He laid me on my back and leaned over my crotch. "I think you'll like this." He lowered his head and sucked my entire dick nudepreteen pics into his mouth. I preteen pic info never felt anything so good! I could see Larry pulling Mike's shorts down and putting some of that lotion on his fingers. He put them in Mike's crack and then got on his knees behind him. I guessed he was putting his dick in Mike's rear end, but I honestly didn't care. I was so engrossed in the wonderful warm and wet feeling on my dick. It was amazing! Mike was a pro and, before I knew it, I had that feeling again. I went over the edge and felt my dick pulse and squirt into Mike's mouth. When I got back to earth, all three of us were lying naked on the bed, trying to catch our preteen cartoon incest breaths."Welcome to the neighborhood, Danny," Larry said."Thanks, I think I'm really going to like it here, I said. "By the way, why were you guys peeing on that pile of stuff out there?""Oh, now that's a long story..." Mike said.
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